Friday, 20 January 2012


The makeup trends for this season are all so darn chic.

Whether it be the coloured power brow, fresh dewy skin for spring, a statement lip, a nude lip, pastels, tangerine, the cat eye flick or the heavy metal eye that you favour, there's no escaping one trend in particular that has swept the nation on and off the catwalk and made one hell of a comeback...


And these days anything goes.

From neon pink doll like lashes on models at the Viktor & Rolph SS12 Paris show...
 to heavy black 1960's inspired lashes at the Marc Jacobs SS12 New York show...

...the more of a statement you can make with each and every flutter, the better.

(Team the statement lashes with a flawless dewy base and the aforementioned nude lip).

And now that you've been practicing with the Barry M Wink Black Marker Pen for eyes (see previous post) I'm going to show you some gorgeous lashes
that have just arrived and I'm dying to use!

*Top Tip: Purchase some 'Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Waterproof, Dark Tone' (£4.99) to stick your lucious lashes on with. The glue is black so no more evil traces of white glue around your peepers!

First up are these brilliant 'Shimmer Twins Treasure Lashes' (sold on ASOS and at Urban Outfitters, £15 a set) and made by a fellow Makeup Artist Holly Silius.

How cute are these red heart lashes for Valentines Day!

Also in the fab 'Shimmer Twins Treasure Lash' collection
are these wonderful star lashes:

And then these long black feathery lashes by 'Elise'
that I absolutely adore, can be found at

If the wilder lashes aren't your style, and you're seeking a natural look, yet with a subtle sultry edge, then I always recommend the Eylure Individual Lashes.

You can pick these up from Boots or Superdrug, usually priced around £5.50

These are particulalry good for weddings;
for brides, mother of the bride and bridesmaids.

Even placing just 3 or 4 bunches at the outer corners of each eye has an amazing effect.

For added wow you can apply a full set using the longer ones on the outer corners and gradually using shorter ones as your work your way in.

If applying them yourself they do require a bit of practice and patience.

Don't use too much glue!

They're very comfortable to wear, will easily last you a couple of days and nights and even first time false lash wearers will fall in love with them.
I can't recommend them highly enough.

For individual lashes to work well you need to have a good number of your own lashes for them to rest on...

If you don't have many or any of your own lashes then rather than using individual lashes I would use natural looking strip lashes.

My favourites are again by Eylure and they're called 'Eylure Naturlites Natural Volume' lashes. 'Ultra Light Weight, Contact Lens Friendly, Reusable.'

* Look out for further lash updates and a lash application tutorial *

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