Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lara Loves...

Hi everyone!

So I wanted to start a new piece on my blog called 'Lara Loves...' and in 'Lara Loves...' I want to share with you, as a Makeup Artist, the favourite makeup products that I have in my numerous kit bags and that I regularly use on models for fashion or beauty shoots, actors on film sets, celebrities, TV presenters or for my beautiful brides.

They loved them, I love them and I hope you will too.

I want to bring you the latest, and in my opinion, most fabulous products on the market right now to keep you and your makeup bag looking uber chic and on trend.

And not all really great makeup has to cost a fortune.  It's important to me that I uncover those hidden gems that are  luxurious in quality, have staying power but cost less than your usual morning almond croissant and hot chocolate (with whipped cream yes please!) 

But of course I'll also throw in some key luxury items if you feel like a well deserved treat.

I hope you'll enjoy 'Lara Loves...' and that you'll find it useful.

L x

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